"You Are Going to Die,"Daehyun Kim
"You Are Going to Die,"Daehyun Kim

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the only photo I took

the only photo I took

Kenya Moore accurately depicts a day in my life 

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need. where.


need. where.

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Anonymous asked: is your weave synthetic ?



at coachella, still alone on tumblr

Anonymous asked: i really wanna get gangbanged by the wanted. i know they all died in a fire like 4 years ago but my mom says i cant go to school if i dont do this. please help me get in touch with the wanted. i need their help. my asshole needs their help. every hole needs their help. PLEASE HELP ME LEVI I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL AND GET AN EDUCATION PLEASE HELP ME


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Anonymous asked: hey how do you use an uncircumcised penis? i was with a guy who had one and the hood thing kept getting in the way when i tried to suck it. it also made it difficult to put on a condom. maybe im just. bad at sex?


you are.

like wow.

lick inside that bitch.

roll the foreskin around gently between your lips

put a dank nug in the little dick pocket that the foreskin makes

light it up

smoke that dick

what’s wrong with you?